Product development

product development of your high quality clothing

For the professional preparation of your clothing manufacture at Fashion Roof Services, we offer you the individual product development of your clothing. We support you in all steps from your idea to the completely manufactured textile. The most important part of the product development is our joint Fitting & Design Day in Hamburg. On this day, you will work with our studio team on all aspects of your project, such as the designs and patterns as well as the selection of finishes, ingredients and packaging. In the process, all items and services are customised and made according to your personal vision for the production of your garments.

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fabrics - textile refinements - ingredients

High quality clothing is defined by an overall appearance, consisting of material, workmanship and presentation. Fashion Roof Services offers you all the appropriate services and articles for this. According to your individual ideas, we produce all components for your clothing with our innovative and renowned production partners.


  • Fabrics-All types and fibres
  • Jersey
  • Knit 


  • Woven Labels
  • Care Labels
  • Patches


  • Versandboxen
  • Präsentationsboxen
  • Hangtags
  • Seidenpapier

Textile Refinements

  • 3D Transfer-Applications
  • Digital Print & Screen Print
  • Embroideries


  • Custom Puller
  • Custom Logos
  • Buttons and fasteners


  • Hangers
  • Shopping Bags
  • Gift boxes

Product development costs

The costs for the individual product development of your clothing depends on several factors. Therefore, we please need the following information for a cost estimate.

  • Designs, sketches, pictures of similar products (techpacks not required)
  • Which sizes will be produced
  • Print, embroidery etc. (if already defined)
  • Your target retail prices
    With this information we are able to understand your envisaged market segment. This will allow us to start planning your collection with you in a target-oriented way.


At Fashion Roof Services, we keep your product information confidential. We assure you that we will only use your ideas in connection within the purpose of your project.

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