FASHION Marketing

FASHION Marketing

A unique fashion marketing concept is the cornerstone for a successful launch of your project. This includes the development of a brand signature, definition of a unique selling point, conception of the products, creation of an ecommerce website as well as the presentation of the textiles in campaigns and in the online store.

At Fashion Roof Services, we support you every step of the way. Through our international network and expertise in premium and luxury fashion, we offer you all the tools to find and communicate your significant brand identity.


The recognition value of a brand is one of the most important factors in building awareness. For example, almost every fashion enthusiast knows the symbols of the big luxury brands, often combined with the company-typical monograms and colours.

In order to create such a clear signature for your brand, we will work with you to design a corporate identity around your brand philosophy. This will be reflected in all areas of your company. This includes recurring details on your clothing, the mood and motifs of your photos & videos, the packaging of your products and a clear elaboration of logo and typography.


At the start of our cooperation, we will define your brand’s target group. This approach is followed by the conception of your products, advertising measures and the way in which your clothing is presented. All fields are coordinated with reference to your brand philosophy so that a strong overall appearance is created with which your target group identifies.

This takes place in close cooperation with our design department.


In cooperation with our partner agency, Fashion Roof Services offers the design and programming of ecommerce websites. These are programmed on a Shopify basis according to your ideas. Through our cooperation with many start-ups, we are familiar with the requirements of smaller brands as well as the demands of medium-sized online shops. Our consultants will be glad to discuss the right solution for your ecommerce platform with you.


We are closely connected to the international fashion industry through our company founder and his eponymous brand Stefan Eckert. This keeps us in constant contact with the latest trends and innovations in the field of fashion presentation. With our network of renowned artists in the fields of photography, film, campaign conception and styling, we will develop an innovative presentation of your clothing tailored to your brand philosophy. In the process, the placement of the created advertising content takes place in direct cooperation with our Ecommerce department.

search engine optimization (SEO)

The most direct way to reach your target group is through search engine optimisation of your website. To do this, we work with you to determine relevant keywords that are most frequently used in searches for your products on Google, for example. We will be happy to introduce you to the exciting and also complex world of SEO and offer you customised solutions for optimising your website.

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